This is all very exciting. The ability to use the mobile device’s GPU to do the heavy computing tasks and get these great speed-ups really opens up opportunities that were just not available for developers in the past. All platforms that we’ve described will continue to evolve in the future enabling us, at SagivTech, to further improve the performance of our mobile library. Some of the key improvements will probably be;

  • Faster GPU hardware
  • More FLOPs, GB/s
  • Improved development eco-system
  • More stabilized drivers for the mobile

SagivTech is a company with two distinct fields of expertise, GPU computing and image processing. We have been extensively working on GPU computing for the past 7 years. We port code from the CPU to the GPU and get it to run faster and more efficiently, for a multitude of projects coming from many clients in very diverse fields. We were very interested in the potential of mobile GPU computing for quite a while now, and since we are now seeing the first buds of mobile GPU computing blooming, we thought it would be beneficial to share with you some of the work we’ve been doing for the various mobile platforms that already support GPGPU computing.

Looking towards the near future, after already testing our OpenCL bilateral filter on Samsung’s S4 Galaxy (I9500), which utilizes Imagination’s current PowerVR generation, we eagerly await to test it on Imagination’s GPU next generation, Rogue. Another new and promising, just around the corner, mobile platform that will enable GPGPU computing is nVidia’s Logan platform.

This project is partially funded by the European Union under thw 7th Research Framework, programme FET-Open SME, Grant agreement no. 309169

Written by: Eyal Hirsch, GPU Computing Expert, Mobile GPU Leader, SagivTech.

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